Dr Marko Špiler na Ekonomskom Evropskom Forumu u Krakovu 2015.

The Economic Forum in Krynica – Zdroj is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe

Every year the Forum, organized at the beginning of September brings more than 2,500 guests. These are political, economic and social leaders as well as approx. 500 journalists. The guests come from over 60 countries in Europe, Asia and America. 

The Economic Forum, by its concept, is open to various ways of thinking about state and economy. In Krynica people come together not only to present their offers and seek opportunities for cooperation, but also to participate in the first class debates class of business theorists and practitioners. Personal contacts are a great introduction to an agreement on issues that are of great importance.

Europe knows what to do in order to accelerate economic growth, but still does not know how to do so – say the politicians and economists. Therefore, these big format conferences such as the Economic Forum in Krynica help in solving this problem. Each important solution action essentially changing economy and society requires a certain consensus. The Economic Forum in Krynica allows one starting and conducting such a dialogue, which will bring further agreement, taking into consideration large initial diversity of views of the  dissent parties starting the talks.

Krynica Forum, after more than 25 years of its activities, has grown to the highly recognized  meeting place for business representatives from the East and the West. It offers wonderful opportunity for both debates and informal talks attracting more and more businessmen from all over Europe and other continents. Recent 26th edition of Economic Forum, thanks to its  range, diversity, and above all, a record number of visitors proves the great success of the meeting formula proposed for years. At these conferences, the political class determines the level of confidence in their own countries , essential to business circles for investments. Talks about the relationship between old and new Europe still bring a great numbers in audience. There are still increasingly more of those willing to discuss how to quickly and efficiently build a free market economy, how to overcome economic difficulties and how to avoid mistakes when creating a modern rule of law.

The Economic Forum holds 6 plenary sessions and over 180 discussion panels, presentations and lectures run in a number of thematic groups, including:

  • Macroeconomy
  • Business and Management
  • Energy Forum
  • Innovations Forum
  • New Economy
  • State and Reform
  • European Union and its Neighbours
  • International Security
  • International Politics
  • Health Care Forum

During the conference the report prepared on that occasion are presented.

Plenary sessions, panel discussions, and dozens of press conferences, exhibitions and workshops have become an excellent form of presentation of the economic sector. All meetings and events during the Forum are held in English, Polish and Russian.

In order to deepen the topics introduced at the Forum in Krynica, the Institute of Eastern Studies organizes special events devoted to particular regions, with the participation of politicians and high-profile experts:

  • Industry Forum
  • Europe – Ukraine Forum
  • Regions Forum
  • Investment Forum

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